why oops is bottom up approach

Discussion in 'C' started by skp819, Dec 16, 2008.

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    hello friends
    My question is that we know that object oriented programming language is bottom-up approach.
    Can you tell me that what is bottom-up approach and why oops is bottom-up approach.
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    I wouldn't have said that OOPS required a bottom up approach. Bottom up and top down relate to how you design the software and have very little to do with the choice of language. Object oriented languages support the object paradigm and are an appropriate group to choose a programming language from, IF your design uses that methodology, and WHEN you get to the implementation stage. OOPL should only influence the design if the decision has been made up front to use a particular language (which is not ideal but may be based on in-house skills, for example if you have 20 C++ experts on hand and no knowledge of ADA, a design that leads to the choice of ADA as a language is going to create problems).

    So I think the question is based on an incorrect premise, and that "object oriented programming language is bottom-up approach" is a false/invalid statement.

    With a bottom up approach you may find yourself hitting the metal a lot sooner than with a top down approach and the choice of language will be made sooner.

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