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Odd screen capture on window update

Discussion in 'C++' started by PixelExchange, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. PixelExchange

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    Aug 31, 2010
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    I have recently stumbled upon a program that permits a person to have an animated image "dance" across the users' current active window. The problem is.. something very strange occurs when I have this animated image dancing across MY program's main window.
    For some reason, whenever I either maximize or minimize MY program's main window (while this animated image is dancing across my screen), whatever frame within the images' animation sequence that happened to be playing when I maximized/minimized my screen, gets "imprinted" on MY main program's window.

    If the animated image happened to be jumping when I maximized my window.. a jumping character would be imprinted on my main window's screen (wherever that image was jumping at at the time of the window's maximization).

    The problem is.. the "imprinted" image.. does NOT go away on my main window's screen!

    In order to get rid of that imprinted image.. I've tried Invalidating my window's entire screen on window maximization (which works some of the time) but some times.. the screen invalidation does NOT get rid of the imprinted image.

    The only method I've found that actually gets rid of the imprinted image EVERY time.. is to drag my program's window off screen.. and pull it back on the desktop again.. which does an automatic screen invalidation, and repaints everything on the screen when the window becomes visible again.

    My question is.. WHY isn't a simple screen invalidation getting rid of the imprinted image every time I force a screen invalidation?

    Please Note: Yes, I am sure the screen is being invalidated when it is supposed to be, as the entire screen "flickers" on screen invalidation. (But the imprinted image is still there!)

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