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Discussion in 'Database' started by mak1, Feb 19, 2009.

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    Could someone please help me or guide me on how to put this in 1nf, 2nf and 3nf.

    * Primary Key *Foreign Key

    Customer: (Customer No, Firstname, Surname, DoB, Address Line, Town, Postcode, TelephoneNo, MobileNo, Email Address, Password, Registration Date)

    Dvd’s: (Dvd ID, Product ID, Title, Category, Certificate Rating, Quantity, Price)

    [Rentals: (Rental No, CustomerNo, Dvd ID,Copy No, Date Rented, Date Due Back, Price, Date Returned, Fine, Fine Paid, Total)

    Cd’s: (Cd ID, ProductID, Title, Artist, Genre, Quantity, Price)

    Cd Sales: (Sales No, Cd ID, CustomerNo, Price, Quantity, Total Purchase, Payment Method, Date)

    Product: (Product ID, Product Description, Supplier ID)

    Supplier: (Supplier ID, Supplier Name, Address Line, Town, Postcode, Telephone No, Product Description)

    Staff: (StaffID,EmpFirstname, EmpLastname, DOB, Address Line, Town, Telephone No, Mobile No, Email Address, EmpPassword, EmpAccess, Role)

    Receipt of Payment: (Receipt No, Sales No, Customer No, Staff ID, Payment Method, Date, Amount)

    Refund: (Refund No, Reciept No, CdID, RefundPrice, RefundDate, Refunded)

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