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Discussion in 'Database' started by thebottomline, Jul 27, 2010.

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    Hi all,

    Apologies if this is not really what is meant here, but I have a few questions about whether or not what I'm looking for is feasible for a beginner before I even get going. I apologise for the language I use here, and apologise if I'm using the wrong data type (e.g. saying Macro / Form when a query would be better) but if you could tell me that'd be perfect. Here is what I'm looking at right now, if anyone can tell me if any of these are feasible or not, or if what I'm asking has a particular name I can then look it up online or in a book, it'd be much appreciated. Here it is:

    It's a database for Sports teams, results and anlysis for my local soccer league and information for a newsletter. What I want is a table for the division, a table for games, a table per team. If it's possible, I'd like it so when I add a result, the league table updates and sorts by points. Would that be possible? If so, it would need to be sorted by points, then if those were equal sort by a second field, and if they were even sort by a third field. Is this possible?

    What I'd like is forms that where you can input results on game days, and then when I input a result it would move a copy of that result to each teams own table. Would this be possible? Preferably by having the games table have a date that it would be played, and when I open the form it could have a query where I put date parameters and it would show games between those dates which have not had the result added? I'm pretty sure this one is possible, would it just be a query that searches for all games between those dates with an if function of only to show if the field relevant to scores are empty?
    Apologies if this is wrong, this is based on my limited knowledge of Excel functions.

    Then I'd like a form where it has two drop down menus, I think these are VLookups? And each drop down menu would have a list of teams, and when I chose the two teams I was curious if it'd be possible for it to look up that teams table and results, and show each teams last 6 games below them? This seems possible, but my question is if it'd be possible to do this where it would look up the dates of the games that have been completed, and only show the most recent 6. Would this be possible, and would it be possible to make it so every time I used this form it would be up to date? I'm trying to explain it but not sure I am well. My main concern was whether it would work without being able to give parameters for lookups, as I have no idea how many results I would end up using in this table so it'd have to show the most recent 6 regardless of how many fields there were.

    Then I'm wondering if it'd be possible to have a macro or query or something whereby I could look at the recent form, in a sporting use of the word, of the teams in a league. Whereby it would recreate the league table and sort it based on their last 6 games. Ideally this would be a table that is constantly updated so I can just view this table arbitrarily and not have to run a macro or query in order to sort and view it. That way, when I do the previously mentioned form with drop down menus, as well as showing each teams last 6 games, it could show me their place in the league table, and their place in the "form" league table. If this would be possible?

    Similarly to above, would it be possible to filter their results to show their last 6 home games or last 6 away games? It could either be by having a home or away column in the games table, and looking up the games that have results in them and then the most recent 6 that were home or away. Would this work? If not, would it be feasible?

    Apologies for the vast number of questions, and any help with this at all is much appreciated.

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