National TV Show "The Forgotten" Now Casting

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    "The Forgotten", a new crime-drama TV show, is now casting many roles for filming this September.

    This new show will be about a former police officer who runs a group of amateur detectives called "The Forgotten Network". They attempt to solve crimes which the police have given up on.

    "The Forgotten" is being written by Mark Friedman. It will be directed by Danny Cannon.

    The show is being produced by Danny Cannon, Mark Friedman, and Jonathan Littman.

    Send emails to by August 12th for more info.



    "Allison James", Caucasian, 20s - 30s. Allison is an attractive, highly intelligent, and ambitious female attorney who originally grew up in the South. Allison's future seems to be bright----she is about to get married to her beloved boyfriend Patrick and her law career is taking off. She has an intellectual curiosity which simultaneously helps her and hurts her. She is a rising star in the legal world. But suddenly all her hopes come crashing down when Allison is tragically murdered. CO-STARRING ROLE

    "Claire Post", any ethnicity, 20s - 30s. Claire is a loyal, educated, and ambitious woman who is the official medical examiner of the city government of Chicago. She is an old buddy of Alex Donovan (played by Christian Slater). Claire has always cared about Alex and would do anything to help her friend. When Alex tells her he is searching for evidence about a woman who was found dead, Claire puts in extra effort to assist him in determining the dead woman's identity. STARRING ROLE

    "Camille Dent", any ethnicity, 30s - 40s. Camille is a pretty, upper-class, and secretly manipulative woman who has married the wealthy Robert Dent as part of a grand plan to get money from him. Camille seems to behave very respectably and conventionally. There does not immediately appear to be anything suspicious about her. But after her stepson's fiance is suddenly murdered, her scheme begins to unravel. STARRING ROLE

    "Sara Hayes, any ethnicity, 20s. Sara is an outgoing, fashionable, and sincere New Yorker and longtime friend of the murder victim Allison James. Sara was very close with Allison. She describes her friend as a nurturing and loyal person who had helped her out many times in the past. Sara also states that she found Allison's fiance to be quiet and unfriendly. CO-STARRING ROLE

    "Diane", any ethnicity, 20s. Diane is a hard-working, trustworthy, and organized personal assistant to the CEO Robert Dent. Diane is interviewed extensively by the detectives investigating the murder of Allison. They try to get her to piece together every place that Allison visited shortly before she was killed. Diane does all she can to help the investigators.

    "Helen Vicks", any ethnicity, 40s. Helen is an intelligent, pretty, and expert gemologist who specializes in the scientific study of jewelry. She is consulted by the detectives from The Forgotten Network to help gather evidence from a piece of jewelry found in connection with a murder.

    "New Manager", any ethnicity, 20s - 30s. This woman is a friendly, polite, and professional hotel manager at an upscale Chicago hotel. When the detectives come to her in hope of seeing the surveillance footage from the hotel, she is very helpful with their request.

    "Karen James", Caucasian, 50s. Karen is a traditional, rural, and deeply saddened woman who was the mother of the late Allison James. Karen and her husband are a pleasant couple, and they are willing to help when detectives question them. It is clear that Karen has nothing against her daughter's former fiance. We can see that she had a lot of respect for the young man.


    "Ed Weston", any ethnicity, 20s - 30s. Ed is a clean-cut, professional, and stressed-out attorney who attended law school with a woman named Allison Thomas who was recently murdered. Ed is a very successful and ambitious young lawyer who has already become an Assistant Attorney for the federal government even though he only passed the bar in the last couple years. But under his smooth professional exterior, Ed is a nervous and uneasy guy----when the police question him about his relationship with Allison, Ed quickly begins to lose his cool. CO-STARRING ROLE

    "Valet Manager", any ethnicity, 20s - 30s. The valet manager is a hip, well-dressed, and cooperative guy who oversees the parking structure at an upscale hotel. He is interrogated thoroughly by detectives about his knowledge of the woman who was murdered at the hotel. He is not hostile but tries his best to be helpful with the investigation. He nervously tries to explain to the police the reason why they are not able to track the parking ticket that was found on the dead woman's body.

    "Patrick Dent", Caucasian, 30s. Patrick is a successful, wealthy, and well-respected lawyer who works for the powerful law firm of Mason and Leeds. He has been at odds with his dad ever since his father married his second wife. Patrick is planning to get married to Allison. When she goes missing, he becomes extremely concerned and frightened for her. Patrick's worst nightmare is realized when he learns that his fiance has been murdered. STARRING ROLE

    "Paul Grant", any ethnicity, 40s. Paul is a smart, conniving, and crafty con man who comes across like a polished and respectable businessman. He was originally married to Camille. Though they got a divorce, they continue to work together to secretly pull off major crimes. Camille has now remarried to a wealthy man named Robert Dent, but she clearly has her own agenda for marrying him. CO-STARRING ROLE

    "Hotel Manager", any ethnicity, 40s. This hotel manager is a practical, well-organized, and businesslike man who is impeccably neat and orderly. When Walter approaches him and requests to watch the hotel security camera footage, he is extremely reluctant to trust him at first.

    "Robert Dent", Caucasian, 50s. Robert is a powerful, wealthy, and generous man who is the CEO of a major construction company. He is a bit overly trusting with people. His current wife Camille is a conniving thief who only wants to get as much money from his as she can. When his son's fiance goes missing suddenly, Robert is contacted by The Forgotten Network as they try to get information about her. Robert is upset by her death but he behaves like a gentleman when they begin questioning him. STARRING ROLE

    "Henry James", Caucasian, 50s. Henry is an old-fashioned, humble, and honorable father of Allison, who was suddenly murdered before her marriage. Henry and his wife Karen are emotionally traumatized by their young daughter's tragic death. When the detectives question him to get information about Allison's fiance, Henry does not express any bad feelings toward the young man. It becomes clear that Henry had a lot of affection for him. CO-STARRING ROLE

    Please send photos and resumes to by August 12th for more information!


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