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MySQL Server Architecture [Internal look]

Discussion in 'MySQL' started by nayanpaul, Sep 8, 2009.

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    Here Are Description About MySQL Server Architectre.
    A Closer Internal Look....[Follow Image Bellow].

    Now Description Every Denotations (i.e 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5 and 6)

    1.-> One or more MySQL Clients (mysql.exe) connect to one (or more) MySQL servers (mysqld.exe)
    2.-> Each client handles verious work such as
    a. Initiating authentication, password hashing, and so forth.
    b. Reducing text queries into more efficient tokens.
    c. Delivering queries to the server.
    d. Caching result sets from the server.
    e. Managed compressed and/or encrypted connections.
    3.-> The MySQL server handles requests from clients and returns responses to them.
    4.-> All mysql Client Requests are first handled by the management layer, which is the coordinator for the MySQL server. It handles tasks such as
    a. Decrypting and/or decoding connections.
    b. Validating and parsing queries.
    c. Fetching cached queries from the query cache.
    d. Passing instructions to the correct storage engine.
    5.-> Storage engines manage the memory and disk-level representation of databases, tables, and indexes. Each storage engine manages different types of databases, tables, indexes, and so on. They also manage some logs and statistics generation.
    6.-> The management layer and the storage engines interact heavily with the memory, the disk, and the network. The management layer writes logs to disk, stores and reads caches in memory, reads binary logs from the network, and so on. The storage engines store data (tables, logs, and so forth) on disk and in memory, sends data via the network to other remote MySQL servers, and so on.

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