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Music offered for Fantasy/RPG/Adventure/Strategy/War Games

Discussion in 'Jobs And Career Discussion' started by ChristianAndersson, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. ChristianAndersson

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    Aug 4, 2010
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    Lund, Sweden
    Hi there, Game Programmers!

    My name is Christian Andersson and I write music for Video Games and Indie Games, game promo videos, etc, using some of the most powerful tools on the market.
    My music is focused on classical music rich with melodies and feelings. I work 100% with music writing. Right now, I have an album with a full game soundtrack
    that would fit for Fantasy/RPG/Aadventure/Strategy and War games.
    If you have an indie game where you need some music, you can license my music, 100% legally for a very low cost!

    I put a lot of energy and effort in making these tunes, and I hope that it could empower some really hard core game dev enthusiasts like you to use my work in a nice game.
    This is my site where you can listen to and license my music.
    Site: craze.se/shop.htm

    Here is my "Knight's Tale 3" album:
    1. Rejoice in Triumph
    2. Tales from the Forgotten Monastery
    3. The Desecrated Sanctum
    4. Catacombs of Unrest
    5. The Sacrificial Chambers
    6. In the Halls of the Dead
    7. The Ghastly Crypt
    8. The Great Adventures of Winterfall
    9. The War March
    10. Victory and Peace
    11. Wonders - a Hymn to the Creator
    12. Night Walk in Sleeping Town
    13. Reaching the Enemy Lines
    14. Lonely Halls
    15. King's Market at Noon
    16. Knight Roland Rides at Dawn
    17. Audience with the King
    18. PoorFishermansHut
    19. BuccaneersSong
    20. Curse of the Djinn
    21. The Treasures of Ra
    22. Little Girl Picking Flowers on a Meadow
    23. Bard in the Valley
    24. Bard in the Castle

    All my songs can be re-worked, re-mastered, changed, improved, prolonged and cut - free of cost! New songs will be composed upon request.
    It is easy for me to cut out and rework short snippets from my full songs, e.g. if you want a Quest Complete from my song "Victory and Peace" or a Game Over snippet from "Day of the Great Battle".
    I can do these adaptions for no extra cost, and the snippet will then be much cheaper.

    All songs are described with detailed instrumentation, moods, styles and genres.
    Hopefully you will find something in my web shop that can enhance your game/promo video.
    You don't have to use the default Quick License prices on YouLicense for video game songs. I will accept much lower offers. Just choose 'Make an Offer' in the shop.
    (To license music for a web clip, it's already super cheap: 8.25$!)
    You can make manual offers from YouLicense, and I will accept much lower figures for indie game developers, even down to 10$-100$ for complete songs.
    I am also available for hiring for part time / full time or for a project work do complete game sound tracks.
    If you have a MIDI tune that you want to enhance with higher quality, I can do a remake for you really cheap, using top-of-the-line professional tools.

    No matter what, you are always welcome to my site to enjoy all my music, completely free for private listening. Maybe it can inspire you to make a great game! :)

    My most recent projects include:
    - In-game tune for a coming FPS game (August 2010)
    - Dark ghostly song for promotion of an RPG related book (August 2010)
    - Dark gothic, aggressive style song for the promotion video of the board game RPG Stregoneria (July 2010)
    - Fantasy title song and in-game tune for an indie game, released for iPad (July 2010)
    - Music (fantasy/baroque style) for a 3D lab visualization of the city of Malmoe year 1692.
    - Music for a museum exhibition of a 3D visualization of of a stone age grave
    - Title music for online horror casino game
    - Theme music for online game with mafia and James Bond themes.
    - Music for a Video Promo of a flight simulator
    - Music for a World of Warcraft horde recruitment promo video

    Best Regards and Best of Luck with Your Games!
    /Christian Andersson, Email: craze@craze.se

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