MS-DOS and basic scripting

Discussion in 'Ethical hacking' started by germanboy104, Oct 27, 2008.

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    So yea, most kids nowadays just pull up CMD to look like some . And, its true, the appearance of a MS-DOS prompt screen will frighten most computer teachers :D

    but, most kid's knowledge concerning DOS is limited to knowing how to run the executable.
    so.....if u want to learn mo read on! but, im really not sure if im posting this in te right place... :confused:
    or if anyone is gonna read it
    but w/e!! i really dont care.....just sharin some knowledge ive picked up on in te world of IT!! :)

    well, imma start with te basics, MS-DOS, CMD, Command Prompt, whatev. u call it, is a powerful direct user->computer interface found on almost all windows operating systems. basically, your computer runs off of this command shell, and accessing it can allow you to perform tasks that may not be possible were you attempting to accomplish them any other way........
    this is why linux is such a secure operating system, because CMD basically presents a user all the tools he would require to write a hack or simple virus or spam e-mail or w/e he wants to do!! And CMD is only on windows based OS. Its a lot harder to write a virus for a linux system...... :eek:

    Anywho, there are a few simple commands that u can use in the command shell (CMD) to accomplish many tasks, just google it and ull find many useful commands to do whatever!!

    but if u really wanna have some fun, or if u have multiple tasks that u perform consistently, u should make a batch file to accomplish these easily and quickly.
    to make a batch file, simply type "edit title.bat" into the command line.......
    ("title" being the name of the file u wish to create or edit)
    a blue screen will appear, and u can then start scripting!!

    basically, to script u only need to write commands u would type into the command line in succession. for example
    "Start cmd.exe"

    this really serves no purpose.....but will open a new cmd window, and show all the files on ur computer.......

    but to run this batch or script, simply type "Title" into the command line.....thatll run the file

    scripts can become really complex....with variables and ftp and such...... :crazy:

    but combining commands can yield significant results.
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    I never knew about the tree command to be honest.
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    I too know only some months ago. I read that in a tutorial.

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