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Discussion in 'MS Access' started by Zamarrud, Feb 24, 2011.

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    Hello All,
    We are facing an issue with MS access ADP project (SQL SERVER 2000 on backend) in production environment. Currently 20 users are using the application and they have their own copies of access application, when any user opens the application it creates three new connections with the database and keep them in sleeping status. Activity monitor shows the following processes in sleeping state,

    2) select object_name(id), user_name(uid), ObjectProperty(id, N'IsScalarFunction'), ObjectProperty(id, N'IsInlineFunction'), ObjectProperty(id, N'IsMSShipped'), ObjectProperty(id, N'IsSchemaBound') from sysobjects where type = N'TF' and permissions(id) & 4096 <> 0
    3) SET LANGUAGE us_english

    When all users open their application number of processes reach to 60 and sql server got struck. Is their any way to minimize the number of connections?

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