Morpheus - DNS Spoofing Kali Linux 2017 (Trick Hack Facebook Account)

Discussion in 'Ethical hacking' started by sabrex, Jun 24, 2017.

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    Morpheus - automated ettercap TCP/IP Hijacking tool
    Morpheus it's a Man-In-The-Middle (mitm) suite that allows users to manipulate
    tcp/udp data using ettercap, urlsnarf, msgsnarf and tcpkill as backend applications.
    but this tool main objective its not to provide an easy way to exploit/sniff targets,
    but ratter a call of attemption to tcp/udp manipulations technics (etter filters)

    Morpheus ships with some pre-configurated filters but it will allow users to improve them
    when launch the attack (morpheus scripting console). In the end of the attack morpheus will
    revert the filter back to is default stage, this will allow users to improve filters at
    running time without the fear of messing with filter command syntax and spoil the filter.
    "Perfect for scripting fans to safely test new concepts"...


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