problem of monitor during startup the computer

Discussion in 'Gadget Analysis' started by prosenjit, May 5, 2010.

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    These past few days, I've been experiencing an issue that has me somewhat baffled.
    When I boot my computer up first thing in the morning, my screen flickers.
    It's a strobing effect of sorts. I can still see the screen. The picture is fine,
    aside from the flickering. No colours are out of place or anything of the sort.
    This problem occurs during POST, all the way through to the windows login screen,
    and then suddenly stops. I can reboot several times and not reproduce this problem.
    It only occurs when the computer has been off for a period of time, say, a few hours.
    I can see that the processor is running, i can hard the startup sound of windows means all things are working properly but the monitor remains off
    indicator light of monitar is blinking, i have check my monitor it is ok,
    i have unplug the 2x2 adopter and then replaced it again to solve the problem but still i am
    facing the same problem. i have check all thye wire connection, the power supply everything is ok.
    when ever i faced that problem if i unplug the cable of monitar from the ups and replace
    it again then the monitor starts but when i goto off mode for a few hours and then starts
    the computer i am facing the same problem.

    Suffice it to say, I'm a little dumbfounded here. I've seen many hardware failures,
    but none like this. Assuming the problem is with the video card at all,
    do you think it could be a temperature issue? Room temperature in here is fairly mild.
    The card itself never runs any hotter than 40 degrees Celsius when I'm running typical
    windows apps. And this problem never occurs while I'm running windows apps or playing games.
    It's only during the initial 40 seconds or so of the first boot up of the day.

    Has anyone had a problem like this before? Any ideas of what could be wrong?

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