missing dll files using serial com port

Discussion in 'C' started by calvinlyp, Feb 21, 2010.

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    hi all, i am relatively new to c++ programming, please pardon my ignorance.

    i am running on window vista and i was trying to look for sample project that is able to read in data from the serial com port, thus after some searching, i manage to find the link below.

    please refer to attachment for the link.

    however, when i run the demo project application, i state that there is some missing MFC42D.dll files. thus i went to search and download the dll and put in my c:window diectory. (however i was not sure is in window/system or window/system32). thus when i place the dll in both directory, and run the app again, it state again missing of another dll files?

    was wondering what really is needed to run the app?

    any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    The app was compiled with a very old version of Visual Studio (6.0 which is 12 years or more old). Download the actual project and compile it in the version of visual studio you have.

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