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Misconception About Great Ideas

Discussion in 'Internet Marketing' started by shabbir, May 17, 2013.

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    Jul 12, 2004
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    Every Entrepreneur wants to start with his great idea. Isn't it? But I see that there are very few big ideas that has become great businesses (online at least)
    • Windows has changed the face of personal computers but Windows is not the first operating systems. No it is not even the Microsoft's DOS or MS DOS. It was IBM DOS and as of today I am not sure if IBM DOS exists or not.
    • Google is not the first search engine online and there were many other search engines like Lycos, altavista before Google.
    • Facebook is not the first social media site either.
    • GMail is not the first Email service either.
    What it is that makes them better than the pioneers.

    They made similar product and understood the pain points of the customer with the existing product and took steps to improve upon them.

    • MS-DOS was on black screen and Windows focused on WYSIWYG.
    • Google Search was far better than those crappy search engines. Similar things can be said about GMail as well. I remember when I used to be on Yahoo and Hotmail, they provided space as low as 4MB and 2MB respectively and GMail started with 1 GB. They just crashed the competition.
    • Facebook understood the pain points people have on other social platforms.
    So if you think your product is yet another product just make sure you do things better by removing pain points in the current products.

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