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Discussion in 'Web Development' started by DeeDee, Jun 13, 2008.

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    I'm trying to evaluate ways to start an RCP Application by clicking a link in a webbrowser. (Yes, I know that is a stupid idea and is basically against the point of webbrowsers, but our customer wants this, so what can I do?)..

    I came up with the following ideas:
    - Have some activeX thingy start the application.. the disadvantage of activeX is obvious though
    - have some webserverlike thing running on the machine that will open the application when a link to that browser is used
    - Associate a filetype with the application and have the link be a link to a file of that type.

    Right now I'm trying to build a prototype for the third idea...
    I have a link that looks something like this:

    href="file.myending" type="myType/mySubType">click here to start application</a>

    This worked find for firefox (it asked what application to open this file type with from now on, when I first clicked on the link, and worked fine ever after)

    Here's my problem now:
    Unfortunately this needs to also work for Internet Explorer, and IE only lets me download the file. Once it's dowloaded it will let me open it and I registered the filetype with windows, so windows knows what application to use!..
    I need a way to get rid of the download dialog though. I searched the net and read something about Secure MIMETypeHandlers or something similar that either sounded like a lot of C programming or I just couldn't make much sense of. Does anyone know what I actually have to do to make this work for IE?

    I'm also grateful for any ideas of getting this to work differently. I realize that my ideas might not be the best ones by far :)

    Thanks for your help in advance


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