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Discussion in 'C' started by Pickle, Jul 28, 2007.

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    Now it's been some time since i could bear the name noob to myself but this is a completely new language for me, i started like four years ago after downloading a program called Game maker. Now no matter how cheesy it sounds it is still pretty awesome, containing all the fundementals needed to make it a recogniseable programming language (arrays, scripts, statements etc), now i wish to leave that all behind me and begin with c/c++ slowly. Game maker has some built in functions to call dll's and recieve whatever they return.


    Now for whatever reason that is a tad to long winded for you to care about i need to write a dll that will return the current midi note being played through the speaker as a number (seeing as i have been hearing about all this hexadormal thingymabob).

    Having only just got the hang of saying "hello world" with the help of the manual i do think this is a bit too ambitious, so just say if i'm like trying to make a Mmo here.

    I've found this but it's a bit too confusing for me.

    Just tell my what functions i need to use, how to use them and what they do, that should help me..

    Thanks ~ Pickle
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    I would suggest you should be getting deeper into the subject before aiming something high.

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