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    Create a standard App with ribbon, then add this to the CMainFrame::InitializeRibbon() at the appropriate place.

    // Create panel
    CMFCRibbonPanel* pMyPanel = pCategory->AddPanel(L"Test", m_PanelImages.ExtractIcon(27));
    // Add wide combobox with short label to panel
    m_pMyCombo = new CMFCRibbonComboBox(ID_MYCOMBO, false, 150, L"Short:");
    m_pMyCombo->AddItem(L"Just some test data");
    // Add narrow edit with longer label to panel.
    CMFCRibbonEdit* pMyEdit = new CMFCRibbonEdit(ID_MYEDIT, 50, L"Longer label:");
    Issue 1:
    The combobox 'sticks' to the top of the panel.
    The edit control 'sticks' to the combobox
    There is abouto 1/3rd of the height unused.

    Is there a way to make these 2 controls use the full height ? I can use pMyPanel->SetCenterColumnVert(); But the 2 controls are still stuck together although they're now vertically centered. What I'm really after is that there is more or less even spacing above and below the controls.

    Issue 2:
    this looks as
    Short: [______________________|_v_]
    Longer label: [___] 
    which isn't really looking nice.

    I can call SetJustifyColums() but this results in
    Short: [______________________|_v_]
    Longer label:                 [___] 
    which may seem ok enough, but if the length of the labels reverses it gives:
    Longer label: [______________________|_v_]
    Short:                               [___] 
    which isn't really looking ok

    I'd really like to get this to like you'd normally make a dialog. Labels left aligned and controls left aligned also.
    Short:        [______________________|_v_]
    Longer label: [___] 
    How can these issues be solved ?

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