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Discussion in 'Ethical hacking' started by stop.the.madness.8888, Oct 18, 2019.


Can anyone help?

  1. Yes, and I would like to be one of the dedicated paid consultants.

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  1. stop.the.madness.8888

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    Oct 18, 2019
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    I'm a doctor not a computer guy for full disclosure.

    Willing to pay well for opinion or a few of system breach.
    Suspected causes include1) wifi intrusion and guest access via mac computer (which disappears, except for the footprints they left)
    2) SQL injection of some sort was run
    3) Corrupted mods/kids games on 2 iphones with gmail accounts and remote game hacker for kids
    4) Malware via USB memory stick
    5) Breaches associated with complete access for unknown amount of time to all of icloud and all of gmail
    6) Jailbroken iphone with APK/mods as SQL insertion
    7) duplicate photo fixer program had suspicious activity
    8) began before, but proceeded through time of apple serious security flaws around may/june 2019.

    Data replication has filled hard drives and crushed a loyal never failed upgraded 2010 iMac running high sierra and a 2016 Macbook Pro running high sierra simultaneously.

    Hard drives become unviewable to any OS.

    6 additional brand new (most with mojave) MBP or MB airs suffered same result over past 3 months.

    2 NAS devices crashed as well with brand new drives.

    If someone wants to comment or look at the data I have we can negotiate a price. Time sensitive matter. Compensation will increase for speed of analysis/opinion, thoroughness, resolution of problem, and number of qualifications on your official or unofficial resume (the last is not meant to deter anyone).

    I will accept help from anyone white, grey, or black...I don't care.

    My email's difficult to access regularly:
    **** is probably most reliable
    Calling or texting cell is best, and I have used what's app with the kids game hackers a few times and that works well.
    949-973-6707 ******
    I like what's app or I think there's another one signal too that are private or encrypted.

    I am brand new here and appreciate any help.
    Any suggestions are welcome and hopefully I can navigate this site.
    Never blogged or forumed, or facebooked/Snap/Insta but I'm not that old.

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