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Lost student needs direction on assignment!

Discussion in 'C#' started by jsteudl, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. jsteudl

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    Aug 31, 2010
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    This is going to sound stupid but my wonderful online university AIU has thrown me into an advanced programming course as my introduction to programming. I have no prior experience and need some help. The following assignment was written for the course when it was a Java course, Data Structures and Implementation. Our course materials, text-book, and live chats with the professor offer us nothing to solve the following problem. The text book we were given is Data Structures and Algorithms in C#. I cannot find anything in there to help me solve the problem. I have recently purchase the Microsoft book Visual C# 2010 and have 2010 Express installed on my computer. If someone would be as nice to look at the problem and point me in the right direction as far as which data structure I should, what abstract data type if any and methodologies I should or could use it would be greatly appreciates as I am struggling to stay on the Dean’s list.
    Your group has been hired as a contract developer group by the Saginaw Research Group (SRG) to design a software application to help work with the group's research data. SRG collects the results of marketing surveys and produces a variety of reports for its clients.
    •The surveys consist of a series of multiple choice questions.
    •The surveys are presented on the SRG Web site.
    •The survey application must be able to store the survey questions and results in memory on the Web server.
    •The surveys are grouped into a collection of survey groups that include client information and a variety of statistical results for the survey (each statistical result is represented by a title and single floating point number).
    •SRG needs to track the status of surveys.
    •The surveys are provided on the SRG Web site one at a time, in first-come, first-served order, and the status includes position in the waiting line and identification of the survey.
    Group Portion (70% of grade):
    Your group needs to create an 8−10-page project design document that includes the following:
    •Title page including course name, project name, student names, and date
    •Design of the data structures and algorithms to support the situation
    •Description of the design of the data structures mapped against the requirements of the application
    •Rationale for the choice of data structures with attention to efficient use of system resources
    •Justification of your choices based on effective use of system resources and suitability to the task
    •Review of the functions or methods included to support the manipulation of the data through the data structures provided in the design
    •Source code:
    •Your group does not have to write a complete application, but sufficient code should be provided to demonstrate the implementation as described.
    •Include Java implementation of the data structures and functions/methods to support the necessary functionality:
    •Structures must all have variable declarations to support at least 1 instance of the structure.
    •Structures must all be initialized with sample data using appropriate methods (e.g., insert()).
    •Structures must all be used by at least 2 methods or functions in the application. If the structure is implemented as a class, then the class must include at least 2 methods for manipulating the structure.
    •Note: Your code does not have to have any user interaction. It must only demonstrate code that would achieve the implementation requirements listed above.
    •Include in-code comments describing the major parts of the implementation, specifically pointing out the required implementation points above.
    Any advice or suggestions as how to tackle this problem would be most greatly appreciated!
    Thanks in advance.
    John S.

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