Looking for Visual Basic Coders that have Visual Basic 6

Discussion in 'Jobs And Career Discussion' started by Nickpop123, Jul 20, 2011.

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    Hello. Im Creating a Project called Paper Mario Online, a fan made 2D MMORPG game thats is a non profit game, no money is made therefore its made for fans. I also Contacted Nintendo before even starting this project, and I got a reply from them saying as long as I give Proper Credit, its fine. They also said they get tons of emails saying the same thing, but actually saying to make Fan Games.

    Anyway We use a Engine Called Eclipse 2D MMO maker, based of Mirage Source.

    Its Currently in devolpment, which means Beta Phase. We get like mostly 15-18 on per day, and growing(Thats a lot for a Eclipse Game).

    We are Currently In Need Of People who have Visual Basic Knowledge and must have Visual Basic 6, since Eclipse is made in that Program.

    Im Currently Learning how to Code but if anyone is interested in helping this game as a Volunteer, I'd be happy to learn from you, since I want to become a programmor.

    Im gonna say this one last time, This is a NON Profit game, therefore there isnt money/profit made with this game, its a fan made which means made for fans.

    Also if you are Interested please Comment Below or PM me.
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    go to microsoft site and then download it for free.

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