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    Our company is building a social networking website that incorporates many of the best elements from the major players in this space. Our site is applying them to a very specific segment of the market. A segment that will most likely lead to rapid growth and strong revenue streams. (Yes, our startup actually has a business model, unlike many, and no, we're not looking to compete against the behemoth social networks) A large portion of our site is already built, roughly 50%. It features a status stream (with update Twitter options), profile pages and user privacy controls.

    This is a bootstrapped endeavor right now but we're looking to bring on an engineer that can help lead us to an angel round and possibly a series A. (Read: there is no upfront compensation we will however give you a sizable piece of equity and treat you as a member of the founding team.) Should we achieve our financing goals, you would be compensated with an industry competitive salary and benefits.

    We're is based out of West LA but our engineers don't necessarily have to be located here at this point. An ideal candidate should have knowledge of PHP, Ajax, Javascript, Perl, Python, C++, Java, mySPQL, jQUERY. (Basically, anything that would be helpful in building a Facebook/MySpace/Twitter style site.)

    We're primarily looking for someone who has startup experience who can commit a few hours a week in their spare time to help us get this project launched. We had a very basic alpha stage up a few months ago to gauge the enthusiasm for our product but had to stop accepting members due to overwehelming response over taxed servers. We have since upgraded servers and are working on a better infrastructure to handle the traffic load. The idea is already on the radars of some angel investors and seed round VC funds so this could be an exciting ride and a great chance for you to get in early on a solid idea with a unique business model for this sector.

    If you're interested in joining the team please write and tell us a little about yourself and your experiences. Also please indicate that you understand our pre-funding situation, yet are still willing to help out on the premise of monetary compensation later in addition to equity compensation now.

    Email: traceyhays@gmail.com

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