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    I am trying to create a combo box on a dialog using win32 api in vc++ 6.0. I added the combo box control using the dialog resource editor with type as Dropdown and owner draw set to 'No'. Then I add data to it programatically. I have the following classes

    class CmbBox: public SimpleControl {
    	CmbBox (HWND hwndParent, int id, BOOL initialState=TRUE)
    		 : SimpleControl (hwndParent, id, initialState)
       void AddItem (char* buf) {
                SendMessage(_hWnd, CB_ADDSTRING, (WPARAM)0, (LPARAM)buf);
       void SetString (char buf[20])
           SendMessage (_hWnd, WM_SETTEXT, 0, (LPARAM) buf);
    Then i create the object for CmbBox in another class Controller

    CmbBox _cmbSetting;

    and the constructor initializes it

    Controller::Controller (HWND hwnd)
    : _cmbSetting (hwnd, IDC_CMBSETTING)

    Then i call


    But when i execute the application there is no data in the combobox. I am able to create all other controls like list box and buttons, but combo box comes up without any data.

    Any pointers??

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