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Linking Google Analytics to Web master tool

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)' started by rahulsingh, Feb 16, 2011.

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    If you use Google Analytics to track site data, you can now link your Webmaster Tools verified site to an Analytics profile when they use the same Google Account.

    Not only will your Analytics profiles be accessible within Webmaster Tools, but you'll also be able to more easily access a few Google Analytics features:

    View your Google Analytics Referring Pages report directly from the Links to your site page in Webmaster Tools. This report helps you understand the overall trends in traffic volume from referrals, as well as the sites driving those trends.

    Access the Google Analytics Dashboard directly from the Analytics link in the top left bar when you’re on a site-related page.

    Source- Webmaster Blog Google 7th feb 2011

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