This library makes drawing 2D stuff in C++ on windows ridiculously easy :)

Discussion in 'Win32' started by ErikOrjehag, Mar 4, 2014.

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    I've been scimming through a lot of threads on this forum and there seems to be a common interest in trying to draw simple 2D stuff for various applications. During the past week or so I've been writing a small wrapper for GDI+ that makes drawing in 2D super easy. The library has no dependencies and requires no linking. As long as you're on a windows machine you'll be fine. Set up time is approximately 5 minutes I'd say. Enough talking, here is the link:

    The project is open sourced on GitHub and all contributions to the code is greatly appreciated. I'm pretty new to C++ so keep that in mind if you think my code is ugly :P. The library is only intended for demos, experiments, visualizing debugging information, learning and things of that nature. It's not a fully fledged game engine lol!

    Please leave your thoughts below and I'll try to respond to all of them :)
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