Learn how you can fake the number of viewers in your forums!

Discussion in 'Content Management System' started by Steel9561, Jul 19, 2008.

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    Hi everyone, I have discovered a secret that you can’t find on the web about one of the best forums online: vBulletin (http://www.vbulletin.com/). You probably have vBulletin forum installed on your website and that’s great. However, if you are just starting your forum, getting people to register to your forum is an extremely difficult task. I tell you that by experience. If your forum has many registered users already, you always want more. However, a good way to get people to register to your forum is to give the impression that your forum is a very busy or visited forum. The team of vBulletin already released a product that does the job and it can be found here:


    Ok, that’s good, this product will help you to “fake” the number of registered users and guests that appear in your forum statistics in the “Currently Active Users” area which by default is located at the very bottom of the forum when just installing the forum.
    However, you can fake your statistics and is fine, it’s actually approved by vBulletin, there is nothing wrong about it. In fact, this product was supplied by a vBulletin support staff.

    NOW, please read the following words carefully: This product has one limitation, it doesn’t let you control the number of viewers that you have on each forum. Have you seen on other’s forum or on your own forum that when someone is inside a specific forum, it says something like eg.: (34 Viewing). Well, have you ever wondered if there is a way to fake that as well? Believe me, this is something that nobody knows yet, you can’t even find this information in vBulletin forums at http://www.vbulletin.org. I also invite you to Google to try to find if someone else has discovered how to do this and I guarantee you will not find anyone.

    I assume only the people from vBulletin must know this but I was able to find this out by trying doing things. That’s the way I have learned many things in life. I just experimented and finally, YES!!!!!, now I can control how many viewers I have on each specific forum which helps me to give the appearance that my forum is very busy and that many people are viewing each forum. I also can take that opportunity to make sure that I give more viewers to the forums to which I want to give attention.
    The reason is that I know that the more crowded a specific forum looks, the more people are inclined to enter to them.

    Can you imagine what this would mean if you have some advertising on your forum of products you sell or services you provide? Wow…. That would mean an increase or boost in sales! It would mean more registrations to your forum, more participation; in two words it would mean more success for your forum and possibly your website as well since the fact that many people will visit your forum, chances are more people will browse more your website.

    How it works?

    Well, this requires a little hard work on the very first day only. After that, is mostly a matter of doing one simple task everyday when you want your “fake viewers” again. This daily task probably takes you about 5 minutes every day to put your fake viewers back. The first day it takes you more time depending on the number of viewers you want for each forum but after that, 5 minutes a day will be enough to put all your viewers back whether they are 500, 1000, or even more! It is also important that you also have access to the administration panel of the forum.

    Please be advised beforehand that I am not selling you any automated tool or a product that you will install on your forum. Like I said, the first day takes more time because you have to do some things manually but if it’s only for one day, what do you have to lose?

    Now, since this is information that you can’t find anywhere else, I feel that is right that I get paid for revealing this secret since I really had a hard time finding out how to do this. However, I will not go to extreme prices. I will charge cheap because I know many people out there have always wanted to know how this is done.

    Just send me a PayPal payment to [<<Admin Removal>>] for $5 and I will tell you this secret. If you feel insecure for some reason, feel free to email me to [<<Admin Removal>>] before you send me the payment asking me any question or concern that you may have. If you send me a payment, please also email me your email address so that I can know to which email address I can send you this GREAT secret never revealed before!
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    Why don't you share the hack at vb.org . I have removed the contact information as this is not vb hack forums. Thread closed. We here prefer to keep the forum clean and not busy.
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