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    Today I just spoke to one of my well wisher and he asked about my career. I said him I work for a company and I work on java, android, php, javascript and many more(and what i do is truly impressing me like I'm learning a lot..).

    Soon after I said this he stated me "You are in trouble.". After I heard it I was like "?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?:lipsrseal:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::disappoin:disappoin:disappoin:disappoin:surprised:surprised:surprised"

    My package is very low (salary packages) and sometimes I even get "Who will pay you that much??? " from my boss.......:nonod:

    What should I do now? I get calls from big companies and they reject me because of just a lack of relevant experience. I'm just worried about my career and I'm really in trouble after I met my well wisher.

    Please give me some advices and help out a brother.....

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