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Discussion in 'Ethical hacking' started by The new guy, Mar 20, 2008.

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    Hi, im new to these forums but i'm sure you'll love me here. I decided to make a new forum with a bunch of great tuts and downloads, to show my imprecation. :happy:

    What can hacking be referred to: * Hacker (computing) has a spectrum of meanings:
    o Hacker (computer security), someone who breaks computer and network security
    o Hacker (free and open source software), a programmer in the free software and open source movement
    o Hacker (hobbyist), an enthusiastic home computer hobbyist

    Similar meanings in other fields are:

    * Media hacker, someone who uses the media in new ways.
    * Reality hacker, similar to a computer hacker, but hacks the "real world"
    * Wetware hacker, one who experiments with biological materials
    * Somebody who uses cheats in video games
    How to become a hacker:
    Hackers have many certifications to at least become a hacker. But this
    site has them all tuts and how to's to become the best hacker you can be. :D

    Hacking downloads

    Online eye pro

    Key GGuard

    Click here to get many more and there definitions.
    Hacking tutorials

    This info is to large to post so i will give you the link. =)

    ` The new guy

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