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    Alright, someone already posted such a topics and actually got replies of some sort, so apparently, this is fine. Please do <u>NOT</u> tell me to serach the internet for "information on how to do such and such", because I have been doing that for about a year... (unless it is a new concept which is not obvious)

    I have a keylogger and I have an IP. I need to know how to get this onto the target computer. Obvioulsy, I cannot get target to download anything from me because I would do that automatically. If you can actually tell me how to embed a file into another file without corrupting the file, I *may* be able to do that. But the direct way would be easier. Sure, port scans can be involved with it. But there are a bunch of setting on the port scanners. When I used mostly the default setting, it said the computer was not connected (this computer is always on & always connected). A friend who did a scan once got some open ports, but said "none of them are useful". I don't know why one port would be useful and one wouldn't be. But even if I do find a port, what would I do with it? You can't just say, "Okay, I have this information, now the logger is miraculously installed!". Will somebody please help me? I am not a retard, I am actually trying to LEARN here. And a typical "lollo sme plZ hak psswrd for me" person posted here as well, and got responses that were not too deragatory. Although I am not sure why you would be deragatory to those people at all, if they are typing with proper grammar and puncuation.
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    well i would suggest you use a file binder to send the keylogger
    Ex- keylogger.exe + my.mp3 = my.mp3.exe
    Obviously change the Icon for the file you want to use and send it along more files always in a zip or rar.
    (people get scare with .exe) files
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    About the ports, some ports are useful and some are not, reason:

    21 FTP
    22 SSH
    23 TELNET
    25 SMTP
    80 HTTP
    110 POP3

    This is a list of the most commonly hacked ports, some of them are only used for stair stepping into a system and some of them can be cracked with the right credentials and give you full access... For instance, SSH port is open, you connect to it using PUTTY and type in the correct user name and password and there you go, full access. FTP port is open then you will only be able to send and receive files on the target computer once logged in. HTTP is open and you telnet to that port to get very valuable info from the computer like the OS and such. TELNET port is open and you will have full control of the system once logged in with the right credentials. SMTP is only for sending emails and if the server allows for anonymous emails you will be able to send emails on behalf of someone else. POP3 is for receiving messages and is quite useless but can be used to find the type of OS. Now, all the other ports will give you a hint as to what type of server is running and what services is running with what OS. SSH is mostly Linux, so the server will be linux 90% of the time, TELNET might be a router but it can also be an OS, so connect to that port an check uot to find out. port 135 is open then it mean that its more likely to be a NT or windows box... So we can go on and on, follow this link if you are more interested:

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