Key to a Successful ERP Implementation

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    There are many different ways that an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project can go wrong. ComputerPlus, Inc. has developed an inventory of prerequisite key components to ensure your ERP implementation project succeeds. In addition, implementation of a successful ERP needs to be delivered on-time and within budget. This inventory of key components can also be applied to any type of large computer software project in a business environment.

    Each component is equally important; failing to follow even one can lead to delays, budget overruns, and even complete failure of a project.

    1. Business Commitment
    Many implementations fail because the top executives are not visibly supportive, or departments do not want to support the message that top executives are pushing because both they and the users are complacent and resistant to change.

    All organizational levels of business, from top executives to end users, have to be supportive of the ERP system implementation. The message starts with the top executives stating their support of the project and their belief that this will move the company forward. Department managers need to emulate this message and make sure their departments believe it as well.

    We will include a new Key each day!

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