JSP and SSI interaction - Setting env.variables.

Discussion in 'JSP' started by shri_bill, Aug 28, 2009.

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    Hi all, With regards to the following three questions, I tried "search engines", forum, books etc. but couldn't find any discussion online. 1) (I'm a Linux user, using Apache along with Tomcat) Is it possible for a jsp file to read a variable set by "SSI #set command" in a separate shtml file, and vice versa? 2) Is it at all possible to set an environment variable in jsp. I know we can read, but can we force-write to an environment variable (from with the jsp code), which can be read from an shtml file. 3) (I know this is not SSI thread) I have a container.shtml file (with SSI includes) where I am dynamically/conditionally including one of the jsp files (e.g. report1.jsp, report2.jsp ..so on). At the end of shtml file I am (unsuccessfully) trying to print the last modified date of included jsp file using (it's a bit annoying that I am confined to use only present working directory i.e. virtual does not take any path, apart from it's subdirectories.) Is there any way I read last modified date of JSPs from with the SSI code? I will really appreciate any help with above question. Thanks very much in advance. Bill

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