How to find Jobs Using LinkedIn

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    LinkedIn is the social network of professionals. This is the Facebook of executives, managers, and regular employees. If you are either unemployed or in need of career change, then having a LinkedIn profile would definitely be good for you. RiseSmart’s survey reveals that people with LinkedIn profiles are more likely to land a job compared to applicants who are not a member of this business social network.

    Finding jobs using LinkedIn is simple. All you have to do is sign up (or become a member) and build your own profile. Building your profile means organizing your contact information, work history, affiliations, education, and interests together. By doing this, it would be easy for people to identify the type of work you are into and the types of industries that your job covers.

    Since this is a social network, it would be likely for you to meet other people from different companies and with varying positions. Finding a job in LinkedIn also means associating yourself with other people in your network. In order for your prospective employers to notice you or get to know you better, you need to be connected to them.

    Through connections, you will have the opportunity to send them personal messages about the position that you are eyeing in their company. Personal message is one of the strategies in finding a job using LinkedIn. It could win you the attention that you are aiming to have.

    According also to the survey, “Getting former supervisors, colleagues and other professional contacts to post recommendations on your LinkedIn® profile can put you on a faster track to finding a new job,”. This is just like an easy list of references and recommendations that builds the application that you have sent. Job recruiters may find this useful in their researches about the candidates whom they are considering for the job.

    Those who have gained the most recommendations would find LinkedIn greatly useful in times of their new job searches. LinkedIn, therefore, does not only help people in finding a job but also help employers in hiring quality employees.
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