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    My client needs a full time, on-site, salaried Senior LAMP Developer to build a web based Customer Relations Management (CRM) application from inception to production and to integrate closely within their existing website framework. The application will be responsible for managing transactions between our internal staff, external agents and website end users/customers. The application will integrate with their existing website framework in order to allow customers, agents and internal staff to communicate both privately and publicly through the website.

    This position requires someone with experience in all components of the development process from inception to production and this role will require intensive work on developing the database, back-end framework and front-end UI implementations based on the business team’s requirements and UI designs.

    Required Skills/Experience:
    * Previous CRM-based (or closely related) development – 3+ years
    * PHP – 5+ years
    * MySQL – 5+ years
    * XHTML/CSS – 3+ years
    * Linux/Apache (administration, configuration, optimization)

    Desired Skills/Experience:
    * JavaScript
    * AJAX
    * Photoshop
    * XML

    To be considered, please submit your resume and salary requirements to bg @ capitalmarketsp.com

    Thank you,

    Beau Gould
    Executive Advisor
    Capital Markets Placement

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