java own package use-plz somebody help

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    i have heard the uses of packages.
    we can create our own package.and then can import and access it frm another package.
    i have tried it.but ends up with failure.

    now, my first package's source D:\javacodings\codings\try
    try is the nam eof my package,and it contains. file ''
    and the content in the file
    Package try;
    public class sample
    public void add()
    System.out.println("package works");
    my send package D:\javacodings\codings\usingtry
    it contains ""
    and its content
    Package usingtry;
    import try.*;
    class sam
    public static void main(String a[])
    sample s=new sample();
    i have tried to use the sample class in try package,,
    when i tr y to compile the file in my try package,,i.e

    i get the following error

    D:\javacodings\codings\try>javac 'class' or 'interface' expected
    Package try;
    1 error

    plzzzz tell what mistake i have done,,
    and correct it,,
    thank yu
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