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    Home Work Problem.
    I understand what the program is suppose to do, but I do not understand how to implement it using Link List.

    Please help me to understand the problem.

    Write a program to perform ariththmetic with integers of unlimited size. You must read data from the input file, input.txt and send output to the file, output.txt.

    Each data line has the following format:

    number1 operator number 2, where the operator can be one of +, - or *. The operator is preceeded and followed by one or more spaces.

    For + and -, Number1 and Number 2 are to be treated as large integers and each must be stored in a link list. Output the given expression and on the next line print the answer. For example,
    22222233333333 + 4444455555 =

    For *, Number1 is a large integer to be stored in a linked list. Number2 is a small integer whcih can be stored in an int variable. Output the given expression ans on the next line, print the answer for example,
    23222222222222 * 7 =
    the last line of data contains a zero.

    Please help me to under the algorithm in solving this problem
    Class Node {
    	Int num;
    	Node next;
    Public Class Number {
    Public static void main (String [] args) {
    	Scanner in = new Scanner (new File Reader (“input.txt”)
    	PrinterWriter out = new PrintWriter (new FileWriter (“output.txt”)
    	Node top, last, np = null;
    	top = null;
    // Load the input file into the link list 
    	int n = in.nextInt()
    	While (n! =0) {
    	np = new node (num)
    	if (top = = null) {
    		top = np;
    	else { = np;
    		num = in.nextInt ()
    	Curr = top
    While (curr !=Null)
    String sign =
    If (sign. equals (‘+’) {
    	Int sum =
    	Curr =
     //write to output file
    	If (sign. equals (‘-’) {
    	Int difference =
    	Curr =
    //write to output file
    If (sign. equals (‘*’) {
    	Int product = curr.num *
    	Curr =
    //write to output file
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