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    Via One (http://www.viaone.com) is a privately-held global prepaid transaction processing and enhanced mobile services company

    We are opening a software R&D center in Montreal

    We are looking for a very experienced J2ME developer in order to become the lead developer on the current version of an existing J2ME application that is currently developed for us by another company

    Responsibilities :

    You will start by working on a module of the application.
    You will then progressively take the lead and the ownership on the whole application.
    In terms of coding, you will mainly be in charge of the framework / data / protocol aspects,
    a user interface developper will work with you, and will be in charge of all the GUI / ergonomics aspects.
    You will also work with a mobile software architect in order to rearchitecture the application for the next version.
    You will be fully responsible on the development side of this application.
    You will progressively lead other developers that will join your team.
    You will possibly be involved in developing the google android version of this application (depending on your interest for Android)

    Qualifications :

    You have already worked on a commercial j2me application as a lead or expert developer.
    You have years of experience in embemded or mobile application development.
    you can easily go into the code of someone else, understand it and continue it.
    you have good field knowledge and are familiar with portability issues between the different j2me platforms.
    you have good conceptualization and abstraction skills and you deliver clean and robust software architecture.
    You are looking for a full time on site position.
    You are passionate and you enjoy working with highly qualified passionate people.

    Salary will be based on your experience.
    To apply or to have more info on this position please send us your CV at:

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