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IStream/Async Drag&Drop in C++ Builder - Paying for help

Discussion in 'Win32' started by Roppl, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. Roppl

    Roppl New Member

    Aug 28, 2010
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    Dear Friends,

    since days I'm banging my head against the table, while trying to leran how to implement IStream/Async Drag&Drop in C++ Builder.

    I'm advised to implement FTP Drag&Drop in our application. Members sending videos, pictures, PDF and other large files like that, which we download with our application.

    Now I wish to implement easily Drag&Drop for this files into diferent Explorer folders.

    The files on the server/ftp are represented as nodes in a Mike Liscke's VirtualTreeView. One or more of this nodes should be dragged into Explorer, exact the same way you can do that in any FTP-Application on the market.

    What I've done so far:
    1.) Try to use Melander's component. Unfortunately all samples are written in Delphi. I'm not able to translate the Delphi samples code into BCB/C++.

    2.) Tryed to use Component "Dropmaster" - same problem to me, most samples written in Delphi, no Sample für IStream in C++ nor in Delphi.

    3.) Tryed to learn to 'native' solve this in C++. Problem: Very, very hard to learn for me :-(

    Let me say, that *no* help i needed in implementing the download, treeview ... and so on. This all works already nice.

    Is a kindly collegue here willing to help me with the IStream?
    Help means, sending me working code by using some components or native programmed complete routines which implements Drag&Drop Istream/Async with single and multiple files from a C++ aplication out of a TlistView (or something like that), to explorer.

    If anyone have such routines sleeping on his hard drive, please don't hesitate to contacte me! If anyone can help me straight forward I give some USD for that by paypal or other way.

    Looking forward to read you :)

    PS: Sorry for my broken English ...

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