Issues with Arrays

Discussion in 'C++' started by golf_girl32, Nov 4, 2010.

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    I am mostly finished with my program. All I need to do is at the end enter 5 movie titles and have them print out "Movie Title 1: " etc for all 5. I'm stuck on how to do that at the end.

    #include <iostream>
     using namespace std;
     //Structure for each video information
    struct Video
      string movieTitle;
        int numberCopies;
        string videoType;
     struct re_order_Date
     int month;
        int day;
        int year;
     void get_Video(Video shows[], int number_of_shows);
     int main()
     Video videoInfo;
        videoInfo.movieTitle = "Fight Club";
        videoInfo.numberCopies = 15;
        videoInfo.videoType = "Mystery";
     cout<<"The Title of the movie is: "<<videoInfo.movieTitle<<endl;
        cout<<"The number of copies are: "<<videoInfo.numberCopies<<endl;
        cout<<"The type of video is: "<<videoInfo.videoType<<endl;
     Video videoinfo2;
        re_order_Date reOrderDate;
        videoinfo2.movieTitle = "Requiem for a dream";
        videoinfo2.numberCopies = 10;
        videoinfo2.videoType = "Drama";
        reOrderDate.month = 05; = 17;
        reOrderDate.year = 2011;
     cout<<"The Title of [U]the movie[/U] is: "<<videoinfo2.movieTitle<<endl;
        cout<<"The number of copies are: "<<videoinfo2.numberCopies<<endl;
        cout<<"The type of video is: "<<videoinfo2.videoType<<endl;
    cout<<"The re-order date of the movie is: "<<reOrderDate.month << <<reOrderDate.year <<endl;
     Video allVideos[5];
     void getVideo (Video shows[],int number_of_shows);
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    Did you try to use loops?
    For arrays the best idea is to use for loop(because you know the size of it) for entering and printing your data.

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