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    hi every one that reads this, i have a problem that needs an answer and was wondering if any one can help me with
    iam looking for a group of people that are willing to put some free time in ( if they can )
    i have an idea. and the only way i can sprees it is threw example here go s

    you have two pc's pc 1 is out putting random letters from a-z, a-z, a-z, in three box's

    box 1) wyb
    box 2) elc
    box 3) mfs

    next sit of random set, so on and so on, the software that iam looking to have a group or team create, to have one group crate the interface ( human input capability ) next group would create history data , next group would create interface between human and complier
    all would come to gather. in simple terms pc1 would be inputed into pc2 by human interface with over time input pc2 would have a history and rules for interface option, if anyone wont to be involved e-mail me at iam sorry if there a lot of people that don't understand my example if u have any question please feel free to contact me thank u micheal p.s please forgive me for my miss spelling and grammar and writing skills that why iam looking for competent people in this field thank again

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