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    My current task is following: there is an apllication with GUI. This application has some
    processes managed and displayed its status by GUI. I would like to rewrite all torwards
    a client-server architecture. But I am not sure this is a typical client-server approche,
    because the server has to give a signal to the clients if its status was changed.

    Moreover I would like that the program can run on Linux beside Windows (or server, or
    client, or both). So I need some crossplatform solution. The speed is very important
    requirement, so that I think JAVA is not good choice on the server side.
    The program was written in C++.

    In short I should write an service application, which could be driven by a client program
    on an another machine and the server status changing should be displayed here too.
    I would like the client program to be a web application later.

    I have seen follwing so far:

    - NamePipes
    - CORBA
    - Apache ActiveMQ

    - QT

    I have no experience in IPC, so I can not decide that if a message queue approche is a
    good choice or not. Could anybody help me and give me the first step?


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