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Discussion in 'Ethical hacking' started by kushalagarwal, Nov 13, 2008.

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    Nov 13, 2008
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    Hi, I am Kushal Agarwal
    My father owns a small company, he lately suspected some one of treason and hence asked me to check on individual computers of the workers. Our company's main email id is on gmail itself and generally 2 - 3 of the companies employees do know its password. Today i changed the password, but on one employees comp(whu does know the password) i just found that whenever i go to the address on internet explorer (on that computer the version was IE 6) the companys mail box automatically opens,even after changin the password from some other computer, whenever i open on his comp the company's mail box automatically opens. Even if i close IE (without signing off) and restart the comp and open gmail again,the mail box opens.i.e without signing off, no matter what i do, whether i close IE or restart computer, using directly opens the mailbox But this doenst happen generally i guess. I asked some of my friends, they said this *could* be done by modifying cookies. After deleting the cookies, it went to the sign page.

    Is this a genuine hacking attempt? Was this some kind of bug or what that person actually hacking on to the companys gmail account?
    And if so, is there a way by which i can reset it all so that even if he is logged in from some other account some where else or has told the password to others i can kinda like reset it and prevent it from happening again??
    This is kinda urgent for me
    If not the solution can ne one point me in the right direction please
    Thanks in advance
    Kushal Agarwal
  2. shabbir

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    Clear all the cache and cookies and then try reloading the page.

    If that also does not work try switching to FireFox
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    do u own a network using thinclient. cos in thin client only this type of problem occurs. When any one goes to an ID, it'll be shown in every other computer in LAN. So better have a separate system for Internet access.

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