Image analysis program: Java or C++ ?

Discussion in 'C++' started by espinchi, Jul 16, 2007.

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    Hi all,

    I'd really welcome some suggestions about a decision I have to make, in the beginning of a new little software project for a research project (I'm just an assistant, collaborating as an intern). I hope it's not too boring for you :)

    We have some MatLab code that performs image analysis and classification (ie, recognizing faces, detecting defective concrete pieces...).

    Now, I need to translate it into a non-MatLab-dependent program. That is, create a C++/Java/(others) program that performs the tasks.

    I guess my two main choices about the language are Java and C++.

    What should I use?

    Some important facts:

    . It needs to be fast (at least faster than the MatLab version).
    Some people might immediately say: "Use C++. Period.". However, is Java so slow as it used to be?

    . I will need to show many images and graphics, to the user as well as to myself in the development/debugging stages.
    I'm not experienced with low-level GUI stuff, but I guess these things might be easier with Java.

    . The core algorithms should be easily translated from MatLab to the chosen language, since the development will go on in MatLab.
    The point is there are some compilers from MatLab to C/Java, has anyone tried them? Are there free ones?

    . It needs to be independent.
    That is, it should be able tu run and execute by itself. (If not, why translate it from MatLab?). This excludes the built-in MatLab compiler, since it obliges to include an installer of its libraries, and I've been encouraged to avoid that.

    . It would be nice to make it platform-independent.
    Obviously, Java beats C++ here.

    That is the information I have to make up my mind.

    I'd really appreciate any comments about this matter. For those who are still reading so far, thank you for reading ;)

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