I'm looking for authors.

Discussion in 'Jobs And Career Discussion' started by Juanto, Jul 27, 2007.

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    I'm sorry If I did not post this in the correct section
    Hello, How is everyone? I am currently looking for staff for my 'Site-In-Production' It is not up at this very moment.

    Now, What I'm Looking for.
    I'm Looking for authors to, Post Gaming News... etc.., For Xbox 360, Xbox, PS2 (Maybe), Playstation 3, Wii.

    A little about the site. The site will ether have vBulletin Forum software or Invision Power board. (You will have you input if you are interested)

    We will have Sub Dreamer CMS With forum integration for the front page.

    If you are interested Please e-mail me at Juanto77@gmail.com or you can
    PM me.

    Thanks, Do feel free to ask me any question regarding the site.

    Sub-Domain or Domain Hosted - Free
    Global Moderator on forums
    We might start paying later on if the site picks up.
    The community, It will consist of Mature users that wont Flame.
    Also, The rules wont be very strict, But strict enough to maintain order.

    We are looking for 3-5 Authors per console
    Right now we have 3 for the Xbox 360

    Open Spots:
    Wii - 3 - 5 more
    PS3 3- 5 more
    ps2 3- 5 more
    Xbox 360 2 more
  2. elec.shabnam

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    Feb 13, 2008
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    i m from elec branch,is this opening for me

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