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Discussion in 'Windows' started by orbit336, Jan 28, 2009.

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    I have a Toshiba laptop with Windows Vista and I use windows live one care. It has crashed before and I only have restore disc instead of a complete operating system on disc which i hate. But, I also have everything I need to restore everything on USB flash drives which is awesome. I restarted the computer (I have no start up programs running except windows live one care) After it completely restarted a blue and white screen appears. Sorry that I can't remember everything it says but it says uninstall any new programs (which I have none) and some other things. But, when this blue screen appears I can't do control, alt., delete to turn it off or anything else but to shut the computer down incorrectly by holding down the power button. Also, on the blue and white screen you can see information loading to the "memory dump files". So, when I restart the computer from that point I can only restart it in safe mode because the same thing will happen again. The first thing I do in safe mode is do a disc clean up and make sure to erase the "memory dump files", then I have a registry cleaner program that I run, I also go to My computer, go to the C drive and click properties, go to tools, and schedule a disc check which starts when I restart the computer. Now the "disc check" has a short version and a much longer version which I do the longer version. On the disc check it shows no bad clusters. Anyway, it has never done this to where I had no other choice but to crash my computer. But, this time after doing what I just described 3 or 4 times I turned the computer off and planned to crash it the next day. The next day when I turned the computer on, it ran fine for about a day and a half and then the same thing. I did all the steps mentioned above and with no luck at all, I turned the computer off for at least 5 hours and when I turned it on again, it worked. While it is working I have used windows live one care and ran a tune up which defrags the disc, searches for virus's or spyware, and checks for updates and any files that need to be backed up. I don't know anything else to do to keep it from crashing. Do you have any suggestions OR do I just need to go ahead and crash the computer myself and get it over with?

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