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    ;2- Write an assembly language program (write a complete program) that count the key presses from the user until he press enter (Carriage return 0DH)

    .STACK 100H
        PROMPT  DB  'Enter char to count it (Enter to Exit.) : $'
       MAIN PROC
         MOV AX, @DATA                ; initialize DS
         MOV DS, AX
         LEA DX, PROMPT               ; load and print PROMPT
         MOV AH, 9
         INT 21H
         Mov ah,1
         Int 21h
         MOV CX, 10                   ; initialize CX
         MOV AH, 2                    ; set output function
         MOV DL, 41H                  ; set DL=A
         @DO_WHILE_LOOP:              ; loop label
           INT 21H                    ; print character
           INC DL                     ; increment DL to next ASCII character
           DEC CX                     ; decrement CX
         JNZ @DO_WHILE_LOOP           ; jmp to label @DO_WHILE_LOOP
         MOV AH, 4CH                  ; return control to DOS
         INT 21H
       MAIN ENDP
    this corect solution plz help me
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