I have a question about linked list

Discussion in 'C' started by tzahi, Dec 29, 2007.

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    I need to write a code in C that make linked list
    my professor gave us a three struct
    one of them is :

    typedef struct classNode
    struct classNode *next;
    struct genusNode *down;
    char name[NAME_LENGTH];
    double diversity;

    I start to write the program and i dont know how to write a function that make the linked list of this struct
    1) i dont know what i need to send to the function
    2) the user need to enter the name and the diversity in the function and after that i dont know what to do with those Parameter (name and diversity) !!!

    if someone can help me how to write this function i thank him a lot


    struct classNode *next pointer to the next struct classNode
    struct genusNode *down; pointer to struct genusNode


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