I need Help I am being attacked.

Discussion in 'Ethical hacking' started by johndvagrant, Dec 27, 2010.

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    OK it's like this. I make forums for my sister and her friends, Someone with a grudge against the subject of the forums i create or maybe just against my sister is hacking the forums and changing or deleting content that took me hours to make. This is really annoying however I don't know how to find the person to report them because I cant get his IP or DNS. I hacked the fake Facebook account this person made and the fake yahoo email they made to torment my sister with but I still got no where. I even decided to make another forum at a different hosting site and they still came and did it again, now they have taken away my administrative privileges on the board so I can't log in. I am irritated so I just thought I would ask for some outside help. How can I protect my forum and how can I get enough information on this guy to turn him in? Please help.
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    If you can get to the computer/router where the forums are hosted you might be able to track his or her IP using "Advanced IP Scanner 1.5"

    It can be found at the "radmin" website.

    Just input an IP range and scan for it.

    If you can find him, you may be able to access his files also, but you will need his username and password...

    Hopefully, you'll find the hacker, but you should get a better firewall for the thing youre hosting these on, and/or get a professional to make a mostly "hacker-proof" website.

    If you dont really want to spend money, you can always ask us some more, eventually a pro may help.

    Try finding what mistakes you're making in terms of the website's security, and maybe you'll find out why.

    Thats all I have right now, good luck!
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    As you mentioned in your post You have been hacked 2 times by the same person....

    Firstly i'd like you to :-

    Hire a pentester/Hacker[including me] for your site and ask him to find what vulnerability is that person using.

    Secondly :-

    I have something suspicious about you post that how you managed to hack that person's yahoo and facebook account...
    I would really like if you tell me how...
    because i am a hacker and i've been in hacking since a year now and i have been unsuccessful in this...

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