I would like to know on how to hack Google street view

Discussion in 'Ethical hacking' started by jordanllgg45, Sep 5, 2010.

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    I was just wondering about what kinds of programs and things that I can hack with using Cheat Engine. Like I enjoy using Google street view on Google Maps except that every street is does not have street view imagery on it. But it should have it like on every street mostly. And I was just wondering if there is a way to hack Google street view so that I can add more streets to it. Because that would be very cool and neat. And also when I am looking at the street view images, most of them are very blurry and not to clear. But some are really clear. So I just want to know if there is a way to hack this and make the street view imagery pictures much clearer and sharper. Because this way, this would be way much better to look at and enjoy. Now most of all, what I really want to know if there is a certain way to hack the Google street view by using street view and making the street view go on hiking trails? Because there is a bicycling layer in Google maps which shows trails all ar
    ound the U.S. I can go on the streets, but the big problem is that I cannot go on the trails. But I would really like to hack the street view and go on these trails just like the street view. You know what i'm saying? I mean this would be really cool and neat to do. So I really want to do this because it would be so awesome and cool to do. And I keep writing letters to the Google street view team to add some trail views just like street view. But they do not have any trail views. They just have street view. Oh well. But I mean this Cheat Engine should really do the trick somehow. You know what I mean? Cheat Engine is probably used for a lot of things like this. I already use Cheat Engine to speed up my torrents and it really works too! But mainly, what I am saying to you is that I really want to know if I can hack the Google street view. Because I would love to try this out a lot. Well anyway, so get back to me as soon as possible please and let me know on how to do this for
    me, the easy way step-by-step with a guide or tutorial. Because I really believe that there is a way to really to do this. I mean there must be. So sorry for this long letter, but I am trying to make a point to you on what I really mean here. So let me know much more about this stuff because it's important to me. So thank you very much! :disappoin :nonod:

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