How can I extend a poker demo

Discussion in 'Ethical hacking' started by castleintheclouds, Oct 23, 2008.

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    Hi all,

    I recently downloaded a DEMO of a program that eventuall requires a license to allow it to continue.

    the program was a Poker playing robot,and it allowed you to play 300 hands of poker then it stopped and you have to purchase the license to continue.
    Two things would be of interest to me.

    When I first downloaded the license to play the 300 hands,I used that up then I used TOR to re-apply,but despite the changed IP address they STILL knew that I had downloaded the DEMO license,despite the fact that I had got rid of all traces of the program off my computer.(How did they know I was still the same computer despite a new IP address,do they place a special number in the registry or something like that?)

    Secondly is there some sort of hack that I could use to keep the DEMO running continually.I recall programs that used to do this with standalone software( I think it would turn back the time element programmed into the software).But with the poker program they have downloaded me a license to play 300 games,so is it possible to hack into this and extend the license.
    All help appreciated
    Kind Regards
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    look for any fulldownloads site mate or try any torrents.

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