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    When calling GetExtendedTcpTable Win32 API Function, a buffer of type MIB_TCPROW_ONER_PID is filled with active TCP connections. The structure of the buffer is this:

    typedef struct _MIB_TCPROW_OWNER_PID {
    DWORD dwState;
    DWORD dwLocalAddr;
    DWORD dwLocalPort;
    DWORD dwRemoteAddr;
    DWORD dwRemotePort;
    DWORD dwOwningPid;

    A normal PC connected to the internet will have an average of 20-30 active TCP connections.

    I want to display above information in a Windows GUI application (using MFC), each row should have all the information of the active session (state, local IP, local port, remote IP, remote port & process ID ), what is the windows control to be used to display this information?

    Sorry for the primitive question, as I'm new to Windows GUI programming, and I need help so I can start my research in the right direction.

    Any guide would be appreciated.


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