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    The Humans is a game for people who have a lot of patience because the game consists of eight different worlds composed of 10 levels each and every level probably requires 10 to 15 minutes to complete, making the game long enough and you have to have patience and the strength to end it.

    In The Humans you should lead a tribe of primitive men in caves through a series of platforms a puzzle, with obstacles ranging from the abyss that must be skipped, hostile to members of a tribe that must be avoided or defeated, until huge dinosaurs. This barrier is not true because humans and dinosaurs not ever interact with each other (there are about 65 million years between the two species) and this is the kind of game where those who are easily impressionable reinforces the misconceptions.

    The goal of each puzzle is to lead your men in the cave or a hut to retrieve pieces of technology such as a rope or free a man from the cave a hostile tribe who captured. You have only five lives per puzzle, and if a man loses the cave or a jump is eaten by a dinosaur lose a life. Once you've exhausted all five lives you must restart the entire puzzle. The puzzle can be competitive and intelligent, but the mechanism involves a lot of repetitions and then it becomes frustrating.

    The Humans is a game that does not have a specific audience. The platform of action excludes a fan of puzzle games and if something is missing in the pc games are just a puzzle. On the other hand, action is not very engaging and has the pace of a pure platform game. And the puzzle decidedly difficult to carry out are offset in the negative by many repetitions.

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