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    A hotel management is a skill or technique to manage occupation within a hotel, motel, or resort establishment and a person who is doing such a work is known as Hotel Manager. In many hotels there may be team working for management. However small hotels may have a small management team consisting of only two or three managers while larger hotels may often have a large management team consisting of various departments and divisions.

    Generally in common Management system; Management can be further divided in to three steps as per the following; The first level of management is Top level management, second level of management is Middle level management and the third level is Bottom level management. In first level management Board of directors, chief Executive officer and all experts are involved in Top level management. In the second level means Middle level management General managers, Branch managers etc are included in Middle level management. And the Bottom level or Lower level is supervisory operative level of management. In that level supervisors, foreman, section officers are involved in this level of management. They are responsible for day-to-day work. In whole management system all levels are interconnected with each-other. Can anybody discuss about the hotel managements jobs in this forum.

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